JO-BEX-MAN® is a dynamic company with extensive experience in the moulding of meat pieces. In JO-BEX-MAN®, we work with our own designs, technologies and patents to solve each of the different needs in terms of forming meats.

One of our main assets is the high-tech R&D department, which explores continuously optimizing the systems of moulding in every single field such as:
  • Increase the product’s final performance
  • Improving sliceability of pieces avoiding breakages
  • Improvement of the appearance and uniformity of the finished product
  • Optimize time cooking and cooling of moulds

Besides our multimould racks system with a multitude of international references, JO-BEX-MAN® also has developed and implemented automated solutions for moulding, unmoulding, loading/unloading multimould racks also protected by patents.

As well as the multimould racks, ergonomic and automatic molding lines are also customized according to needs and requirements of the customer.