Our exclusive moulding systems have been designed to facilitate and automate moulding and unmoulding tasks of pieces cooked in its cast. 
Options we offer starts from semi-automatic unmoulding devices which makes unmoulding tasks much more ergonomic up to full automatic lines intended for large productions.

Main advantages are:

  • Important saving of labor avoiding the hard tasks traditionally performed manually by the operators.
  • Expandable modular design. The design of the system allows implementing to unmolding systems automating tasks such as unloading and extraction of moulds, washing them and loading of molds.
  • Multiformat system that enables different shapes and sizes of moulds with a simple change of unmolding heads.
  • High production capacity of up to 7 multiple mold per minute.
  • Exclusive air injection system for product mold release. Our system ensures total unmolding reliability and speed while avoiding internal product breakage usually caused by suction pads removing. Patented system. Pat No.: 200 700 558 P