Equipment designed to facilitate, ergonomize and even automate molding tasks for meat parts. The range of possibilities start with an ergonomic molding equipment with manual product filling and lifting scissors to elevate racks. If we need more regular production, our new semi-automatic molding station have to be considered as the best option to load/unload racks automatically, and an assisted manual filling station (automatic as an option). For the bigger productions, a fully automatic molding station as part of a high production line, will be the best choice.

Each and every one of the options is intended not only to improve ergonomics, but also to increase productivity and regularity in the molding process, making this a simple, safe and effective task.

Our stations are compact, so they allocate the smallest possible area to do their job, saving the more and more precious space.


All of this gives us the possibility of optimizing production, ergonomics and space in order to achieve more regular and controlled productions.