JO-BEX-MAN® multimuold racks have been designed to facilitate the forming of meat pieces into molds.

There are many advantages of our multimould system when compared to other alternatives on the market:

  • Our exclusive built-in transmission is a unique pressing system that allows opening and closing of the multimoulds at any place in the plant without a fixed pressing or opening station. This system prevents many unnecessary movements and delays in the opening or closing operations. With our system, these operations can be performed in a simple and easy way using only our handy mobile opening and closing device.
  • Our multimoulds are optimised for a fast and homogeneous cooking and cooling. His studied inter-molds channels facilitates steam and cold air flows to pass trough. This implies a reduction in the time dedicated to the thermal process and consequently significant daily energy savings.
  • Our  gradual opening of the tower system, allows ergonomic access to higher levels of moulds. This allows us to increase the number of levels of our multimoulds and optimise capacity cooking systems.